Google Summer of Code has always been a stressful and challenging program for most students.

I am Duplex Kamdjou, a postgraduate student from the University of Buea Cameroon. A son of Silicon Mountain “the community that code”. This year is my second time of participating to Google Summer of Code working with Mifos Initiative. I previously contributed to Apache ODE during the Google Summer of Code 2015 program.

Based on my experience with Google Summer of Code, I have cultivated some techniques and secrets which I think it is good to share with you guys.

1) Communicate and Communicate

I think communication is one of the most powerful tool a Google Summer of Code intern should use. Be respectful, clear and expressive while communicating with others. Most of the time the intern is the one having problem. So, always make sure that you have made some research about your problem before asking a question to your mentors, community, IRC channel or mailing list. Don’t be ashamed , don’t hesitate, people are there to help you. 

2) Make sure you understand your project

Use your community bonding period to read all the documentations related to your project. Setup all necessary environments, start practicing and fixed some bugs. Carry on most of research related to the implementation of your project.
Break down your project into small modules possible and allocated appropriate time for each module. Discuss with your mentor about your project design and approach, ask for tips and advices for things you do not understand well.

3) Start your work earlier if possible

Note:  Only apply these steps when your proposal have been accepted. You can even start coding before the coding period begins. If you are doubting for the scope of your project and the time allocated for Google Summer of Code, this will always be helpful if you are not skilled enough or if your project is too large and complex.

4) Make Summer of Code your top priority

During the 12 weeks of coding time, nothing should take priority over your project, and you should have no major distractions. If you have another job, decide whether you prefer it or Google Summer of Code and pick one. It's even better to make your choice earlier enough to leave the your slot open for another student. So, be sure to fully devoted your time to only Google Summer of Code and your studies.

5) Never give up

Almost 90% of students pass through a lot of stress to complete their Google Summer of Code project, specially those taken for their first time. The only thing I will say is: "Never give up keep up and persevere ". Always remember that you are part of the community and keep the culture of communicating with your mentors and the community, by being polite and expressive while asking for help. Also, remember that, unlike school, where a grade could be your first feedback, in Google Summer of Code, your only feedback is pass or fail which is your last feedback. So, perseverance and strength is your success.

6) Commit and Document your project.

As you start coding Google Summer of Code, always push your code to the repository every time you think you have make a progress. You should also remember that the Google Summer of Code project is almost independent on you. You may propose your project design, but you will develop it with the help of your mentors and your community. You will write the code, but others will review it and you will often build upon their reviews. So, keep sharing your work with your community and ask for feedback. Finally, keep documenting your work as you go ahead.


As we know, this may probably not be all we need to  make a successful summer of code. But, I think it could help in one way or the other toward the success of Google Summer of Code 2016.

2016 Summer Cummunity Bonding Piriod at Mifos Initiative.

Since the 22th April 2016 the selected student for Google Summer of Code 2016 program was announced. I got again an opportunity to contribute this year as a GSoC Intern at Mifos Initiative. From this introduction I guest you just raised two questions.

Who is Mifos Initiative? and What are there doing?
     "End Poverty One Line of Code at a Time"
The Mifos Initiative is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to speed the elimination of poverty by leading a global community that builds, supports, and uses Mifos X, a free and open source platform enabling financial service providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver responsible financial services to the world’s 2 billion poor and unbanked. Our unprecedented approach to technology-enabled financial inclusion unites financial institutions, local technology partners, and volunteer developers to collectively advance open source banking infrastructure so the entire sector can sustainably build impactful innovations in digital financial services.

At Mifos Initiative they care about interns, they really want to know what each intern is working on every day and what are his issues at a particular time. The community is very active and prompt to help each other I like the way things are done there. I am actually enjoying the expertise  of my mentors who are guiding me through the project planning and implementation approach. through hangout chat at least once a week.